My name is Ben,
I am a Web Developer & Linux Engineer.
Feature Work
System development

May 2015
Openrice recommendation system
Jan 2015
System development
PRS administration system
Dec 2014
Print queue utility (*nix)
Jan 2014
System development
i-MOS online simulation platform
Hackathon @ Bangkok 2015
Hackathon @ HKUST 2015
Internship @ Redhat 2014
Red Hat Challenge 2013
Hackathon @ Bangkok 2015 (Link) (Page)   —   Our team won a third place at the hackathon and felt excitied after all night long coding. We took a group photo in Hotel Quickly, who provided us open space for coding!
Hackathon @ HKUST 2015 (Link) (Page)   —   The second day morning of the hackathon outsides HKUST LT-J. We took a group photo and were working hard on our application. We still felt excitied after all night long coding!
Internship @ Redhat 2014 (Link)   —   Me with a intern delivered our project progress to the director in a meeting session.
Red Hat Challenge 2013 (Link)   —   Received a certification of participation of Red Hat Challenge Competition Finals in Beijing, from Mr. ChangChun Liu, director of solution architecture in Red Hat Inc.
Red Hat Challenge 2013 (Link)   —   After the Red Hat Challenge competition, all the finalists took a photo with Mr. Randy Russell, director of certification in Red Hat Inc.
About Me

Travelling is my hobby. I have been many countries, France, Germany, Italy, Czech, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and a lot. Throughout the trips, I listened many many interesting stories from different people at different places and make me so funny!!

I graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) with a Bachelor in Computer Science (BEng Comp) in 2015.

Developing web applications has always been my hobby and love, and throughout my work, I used various web technology for development:

HTML5Angular JSjQueryD3Socket.IOMongoDBCodeIgniterLaravelBootstrapGreensockMeanIODigitalOceanMailgun

and more ...

I am holding RHCSA and RHCE certificates and have maintained a couple of cloud servers, Rackspace, DigitalOcean. I am experience on setting up servers, with scheduled tasks, LAMP stack with clustering, optimization, iptables with secure rules, cloud storage, DNS configuration etc..

I am an open source enthusiast and here are some popular open source projects that I contributed to:

Number words (PEAR Package)
confirm-bootstrap (jQuery Plugin)

You can find me by email, ben.nsng 'the at symbol' gmail.com

i-MOS Online Simulation Platform link
My work includes:
  • Built a web application for online simulation, web interface and system design
  • Scaled servers to allow more concurrent online simulation
  • Built monitoring system for managing servers and running simulation
Print queue utility (*nix) link
My work includes:
  • Built a bash script for mounting and un-mounting univerisity printers
  • Integrated to central server to retrieve printers list
  • Authentication is required to use university printers
  • Support both Linux and Mac versions
PRS administration system link
My work includes:
  • Built a system for checking in or out PRS handset devices
  • Used WebSocket to communicate PRS handset devices
  • Managed inventory of PRS handset devices and generated management report
Openrice recommendation system link
My work includes: